Plot time dependent quantities as a function of year, month, day and hour

Are there examples to plot time dependent quantities as a function of a given data: year-month-day-hour-minute?


Many thanks! Elemer

See also the timeonaxis*.C examples here.

These are nice examples indeed. Just one question: where can I find the meaning of all options in the graphics Draw method, e.g. in Draw(“ALP”) what do A, L, P mean? Of course, I can try out them one by one, and can observe the result, but I wonder if there is a documentation of all these options?


Many thanks. I wonder, how can one find such information without the Forum.

The ROOT reference guide contains a lot of information. I agree it is sometimes difficult to navigate in it.
That’s why we create a new Manual entry in the new ROOT web site. It is surely not yet perfect but it helps.

But … in your particular case, that was not to difficult too find as the TGraph documentation (which is the obvious entry for your problem) explicitly points to the TGraphPainter page.

Thanks, I see. The Manual is indeed very informative. I’ll read it first for my next problems.

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