Plot ordering issue with h* and color = 0


Apologies if this is a known issue or “feature”.

I fill two histograms so that they are different and I set the line color of h1 to 0, ie

Then I draw them:
In this case, the asterisks line up perfectly with the lines, indicating 100% agreement. This is not right; the histograms are not identical.

If I do
then I see the asterisks do not agree with the lines, as expected.

If I get rid of the SetLineColor(0) line, then all is well. If I use any color other than 0, then the content is right, though it prints the lines for both histograms in addition to the asterisks.

As an example, this was a problem for us because we were using this for validation with these options, and it returned beautiful plots that showed 100% agreement, when in fact they did not agree.



Can you post a small script reproducing this problem ?