Plot cropped in .ps (postscript) format


I’m trying to save canvas in .ps format. But what I found, the plot is upside-down and cropped (see in attached .ps file) [1].
I also saved the same plot in .pdf format. It is coming out fine and looks like in attached pdf file[2].

I also tried ps2pdf converter over cropped and upside-down .ps file. It converted ps file successfully to pdf same as above.

I need plots in postscript format. Please tell me what to do?

Efficency_pT_Ele_Leg2_DoubleEle17_12_25ns_SCeta_2015D.pdf (13.7 KB) (7.9 KB)

I displayed your “.ps” file with “okular” and “gv” and I get exactly the same pictures as for your “.pdf” file with “okular” and “acroread” (it’s not “upside-down”, but the y-axis title is cut).

Hi Wile,

I see. It’s the problem of my document viewer that I was using.
Well, I could see the plot using okular.

There is no problem with y-axis title, it’s cut because it’s out of the frame.


Yes, some of them are really bad … :frowning: