Perspective plot of 2D histograms


I would like to make a perspective plot of 2D histograms in 3D, and for want of a better explanation, a picture tells a thousand words :

I would like to do something like the above. Can any one point me in the right direction ?

The closest I have managed to come is the following in which I have tried a fudge in a 2D histogram and “lego”. An option to plot histograms in such a 3D representation would be great.

Many thanks,
Karl Hauschild

We plan to do this kind of representation with TMultigraph. Right now it is on our to-do list.
I have a macro (tar file) which emulates this sort of plot. If you are interested I can email it to you.

Cheers, the macro would be great !


I do not think I can attached a tar file here…
Email me at and I will send you the file as reply.

In fact it seems I can attach one.
Here it is.
multiGraph3D.tar.gz (70.3 KB)