PDF Print segfault via HypoTestInverter if AsymptoticError(true) in pre-fit


I’ve run into a rather peculiar segfault after transitioning to ROOT 6.28/00 from 6.26. It doesn’t crash with 6.26/08.

I can reproduce this segfault with the StandardHypoTestInvDemo.C with calc type = 0 (freq / toys) and by adding AsymptoticError(true) to the fitTo() args here root/StandardHypoTestInvDemo.C at master · root-project/root · GitHub It doesn’t crash with this extra option if the calc type is 2 (asymptotic). My naive understanding is that this provides better errors on the parameters.

The odd part is that, from what I can tell, it’s crashing in ModelConfig->Print() → PDF->Print():
after the HypoTestInverter::GetInterval() call.

If it’s useful, I have attached the test workspace I’m using:
SPlusB_combined_NormalMeasurement_model_afterFit.root (27.6 KB)
The workspace name is ‘w’.


Stack Trace:

#4 0x00007f323b143f15 in TUnixSystem::DispatchSignals(ESignals) () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libCore.so.6.28
#6 0x00007f321e414271 in RooAbsArg::dependsOn(RooAbsCollection const&, RooAbsArg const*, bool) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooFitCore.so.6.28.00
#7 0x00007f321e41753e in RooAbsArg::getObservables(RooAbsCollection const*, RooArgSet&, bool) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooFitCore.so.6.28.00
#8 0x00007f321e5f1c46 in RooNormSetCache::autoCache(RooAbsArg const*, RooArgSet const*, RooArgSet const*, TNamed const*, bool) () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooFitCore.so.6.28.00
#9 0x00007f321e40d4ca in RooCacheManager::getObj(RooArgSet const*, RooArgSet const*, int*, TNamed const*) () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooFitCore.so.6.28.00
#10 0x00007f321e473227 in RooAbsPdf::syncNormalization(RooArgSet const*, bool) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooFitCore.so.6.28.00
#11 0x00007f321e46cc7f in RooAbsPdf::getNorm(RooArgSet const*) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooFitCore.so.6.28.00
#12 0x00007f321e64ede5 in RooRealSumPdf::expectedEvents(RooArgSet const*) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooFitCore.so.6.28.00
#13 0x00007f321e619809 in RooProdPdf::expectedEvents(RooArgSet const*) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooFitCore.so.6.28.00
#14 0x00007f321e66c609 in RooSimultaneous::evaluate() const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooFitCore.so.6.28.00
#15 0x00007f321e46b2a8 in RooAbsPdf::printValue(std::ostream&) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooFitCore.so.6.28.00
#16 0x00007f321e614018 in RooPrintable::printStream(std::ostream&, int, RooPrintable::StyleOption, TString) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooFitCore.so.6.28.00
#17 0x00007f321d42be2b in RooStats::ModelConfig::Print(char const*) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooStats.so.6.28.00
#18 0x00007f321d42c9da in RooStats::ModelConfig::GuessObsAndNuisance(RooAbsData const&, bool) () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooStats.so.6.28.00
#19 0x00007f321d3eff21 in RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::GetHypoTest() const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooStats.so.6.28.00
#20 0x00007f321d3f3329 in RooStats::HypoTestInverter::Eval(RooStats::HypoTestCalculatorGeneric&, bool, double) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooStats.so.6.28.00
#21 0x00007f321d3f44d6 in RooStats::HypoTestInverter::RunOnePoint(double, bool, double) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooStats.so.6.28.00
#22 0x00007f321d3f5374 in RooStats::HypoTestInverter::RunFixedScan(int, double, double, bool) const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooStats.so.6.28.00
#23 0x00007f321d3f7fa4 in RooStats::HypoTestInverter::GetInterval() const () from root-install/root-6.28.00-dl/lib/libRooStats.so.6.28.00
#24 0x00007f32323436fd in RooStats::HypoTestInvTool::RunInverter(RooWorkspace*, char const*, char const*, char const*, int, int, bool, int, double, double, int, bool, char const*) () from debug/StandardHypoTestInvDemo_C.so
#25 0x00007f3232347573 in StandardHypoTestInvDemo(char const*, char const*, char const*, char const*, char const*, int, int, bool, int, double, double, int, bool, char const*) () from debug/StandardHypoTestInvDemo_C.so

Hi, thanks for the report! Can you tell me which constructor arguments you used the get the crash? If I try this for example, I don’t get the crash:

StandardHypoTestInvDemo("SPlusB_combined_NormalMeasurement_model_afterFit.root", "w", "ModelConfig", "", "obsData", 0, 0)

Hi @jonas ,

I edited the script at line ~266 to be:

void StandardHypoTestInvDemo(const char *infile = "SPlusB_combined_NormalMeasurement_model_afterFit.root",
                             const char *wsName = "w",
                             const char *modelSBName = "ModelConfig", const char *modelBName = "",
                             const char *dataName = "obsData", int calculatorType = 0, int testStatType = 3,
                             bool useCLs = true, int npoints = 6, double poimin = 0, double poimax = 5,
                             int ntoys = 1000, bool useNumberCounting = false, const char *nuisPriorName = 0)

The changes from the default being: the input, wsName, and testStatType = 3 instead of 0. Sorry, I missed including this last point on the stat type, which indeed does not crash for me if I revert it to 0 (LEP).


Bump to avoid closing this before follow-up. If there is an issue or other tracker to follow, I’m happy to do so.

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