Pdf file from rootfile having no. of histo

Hi Rootuser,

Is there any way to create a pdf file (or ppt files) from a root files having no. of histograms ?
any interface can be added or way to do it ?


Thank you,

Pdf files are created from a Canvas when you print it. Draw whatever you want (it can be in batch mode) and then print it with: myCanvas->Print(“myPdfFile.pdf”);

Hi couet,

Sorry, i didn’t get your point.

Say i have root file “AAA.root” in it hist1,hist2,hist3,hist4,…(up to 10)

i want to keep 4 histo ( say hist1,2,3,4) in a 1st pdf file page , then next 4 histo in next page and so on…

could you please inform me where should i open the root file with TFile and
where should i use “Print” ?

Thank you.

Something like:

TFile f(“yourrootfile.root”);
TCanvas c(…)
for (int i=1;i<=4;i++) {

This is not working code, just an idea showing how to proceed.