Pb with small x axis representation with graphs

Hi all,

I have some graphs with very small values in X (~1.E-09 ) that i’d like to be able to represent.
I have attached the file for data.
Here is what i do:
TGraph *MyData = new TGraph(“ListeGraphInterpol.txt”);
MyData->GetXaxis()->SetLimits(1.E-09, 200);

But i cannot see the small values ~1.E-09.
I would like to be able to have an X axis representing each of the X values but i have only 0!!

Do you know a way to improve that ?
Thanks by advance!
ListeGraphInterpol.txt (1.74 KB)

According to the few lines you sent, you do not use log scale. Is there a reason for that ? The limits you have on the X axis are typical of a log scale plot.

yes, you are right. I didn’t tried that!