PAW-like Fonts

I want to make some plots miming the old-fashioned (but still attractive) PAW’s style.
I used to like the PAW’s default fonts, do you remember those?
Unfortunately, they are missing under ROOT (or at least, I can’t find them)!

This is a serious problem for me. How can I do?

I guess you are speaking of the old font which where drawn using lines. The so called “software fonts”. They have not been put back inside ROOT. We thought it was not necessary because they were really limited. Now we use the TTF fonts. Why is this so important for you ? I think you can do as good and even better with the fonts we have now.

For aesthetic reasons, mainly.
I want my plots to stay up-to-date with current trends. The old PAW style is becoming “vintage”, indeed.
But I understand your point. However, it would be nice having a wider set of fonts (e.g. Calibri).

We had request to access font by names. That will answer your request. But that’s not something trivial to implement (it should work for PS, PDF etc). Time is needed to do that.