PAW help. .dat to .rz format

i am a GATE user and i use PAW for the analysis of my data. For reasons beyond this brief cry for help, i have to work in a different pc than usually. So here’s the thing: i need a way to convert the .dat GATE-output file to .rz PAW-input file. In the previous pc i used there was a command “singles_nt” which i used for the conversion. I can’t find anything and i know its not strictly ROOT-related but any help would be appreciated.

It seems to be some in-house utility (I never heard the “singles_nt” name, but maybe @couet did).
Try to find its author (maybe when you run it, you will see some “license” information printed).

Check if it is a “compiled executable”.
If it is statically linked, you may be able to use it on your new machine without changes.

It could also be that it is simply a “.kumac” macro script (an ASCII file) that you can copy to your new machine.

ty for replying. I’ll see what i can do :slight_smile:

Me neither.

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