Particle parents

Hi Expert,

I have some questions about the truth parent particle, I have used a root file for Higgs decaying to 2 gammas, there are some kinematic parameters and I would like to produce the gamma that comes from Higgs, and as I understood that I should look at the parent particles for that. but the problem for me is when I open the root file and I look at this photon truth parent I haven’t found the kinematic parameters that I want, please find attached
the screen of my TBrowser:

Knowing that the print of this branch is:
*Br 232 :TruthPhotonsAuxDyn.parentLinks : *

  •     | vector<vector<ElementLink<DataVector<xAOD:                       *
  •     | :TruthParticle_v1> > > >                                         *

*Entries : 10000 : Total Size= 608577 bytes File Size = 70072 *
*Baskets : 64 : Basket Size= 329728 bytes Compression= 8.66 *

Your help is very appriciated!

Hi @sandra_idrissi!

From your post it looks like you are working in the ATLAS collaboration, right? Although based on ROOT, the ATLAS xAOD data format is highly specific to ATLAS and I’m afraid we can’t answer questions on the ATLAS event format on the ROOT forum :slight_smile:

You should better ask your ATLAS collaborators about this, maybe on or whatever other communication channel the collaboration has for analysis support.

Good luck and cheers!

Hi @jonas,

Thanks a lot for your answer!

Yes I’m working in the ATLAS collaboration I will check for the link that you suggest.


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