Parameters of TRandom::Landau

I am trying to model the deposition of high-energy muons in a calorimeter and have calculated the most-probable value and the width parameter according to the Particle Data Group guide: … matter.pdf

However, in the documentation for TRandom, it specifies that:

I am therefore unsure how to convert the most-probable value and width parameter of the Landau distribution in the PDG information to the parameters required for the ROOT TRandom implementation.

Can anyone shed any clarity on this?


A direct functional relation is not really existing, given the complexity of the Landau distribution. I think you should fit the correct Landau distribution to your empirical data of energy loss.
To know more about the Landau distribution please look at this paper , A program package for the Landau distribution, K.S. Kölbig. B. Schorr, Computer Physics Communication (see ).

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