Palette number of entries not showing in Jupyter Notebook

I am trying to plot some 2D histogram with COLZ option in Jupyter notebook reading a root file with TChain
Everything works fine, but the final plot, do not show the number of entries in the palette.

``chain = ROOT.TChain(tree)

c2 = ROOT.TCanvas(“c2”, “c2”)

h2 = ROOT.TH2D(“h2”, “h2”, 20, 0, 20, 20, 0, 20)


_ROOT Version: 6
_Platform: Jupyter Notebook
Compiler: Not Provided

What do you mean ? can you send a screen dump ?

Screenshot from 2022-05-23 11-12-31

I mean the number of entries for each color in the palette. Sorry, I was not clear.

Ah ok. The axis labels.
Try to enlarge the right main of the canvas.

c2 = ROOT.TCanvas("c2", "c2", 700, 500)

Changing “700” to higher values, does not change anything, just the size of the canvas.
But, I am not sure, you mean this.


Oh, it works, thank you a lot. I didn’t find an answer to this anywhere.
Have a good day. :slight_smile:

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