Pad and canvas bug

Hello everyone,
I have installed root 6.22 with the next code : (found in the installation manual)

$ tar -xzvf root_v6.22.00.Linux-ubuntu19-x86_64-gcc9.2.tar.gz
$ source root/bin/ # also available: thisroot.{csh,fish,bat}

But I have any bugs when I get a pad on my canvas and try to open a specter on it : the pad is not circle in yellow, and it disappear immediately when I get click on it then on my specter. And the specter appear on the first canvas…
Furthermore when I divide a canvas, the subdivision don’t appear (no subdivision circle in yellow…)

Is this a frequent bug ? Or I misunderstood how to install root, and made mistakes ?
Thanks for yours answers, and sorry for my English, hopping it’s understandable.

Can you post an example macro showing your problem ?

For the canvas, it should be like that when I divided it. But nothing happen (with code or graphical interface):

(The screen with divide operation, then the screen after…).

For the pad after writing:

after I mooved it :

and after I click on it and double click on an another specter to draw in it :

If the operation work like it does, we should have (screenshoot by my tuto…) :

Mr couet, d’ailleurs le monde est petit, à ce que j’ai vu vous êtes de l’unistra (c’est là que j’étudie en ce moment justement !)

Yes I did part of my studies in Strasbourg, :slight_smile:
Regarding your example can you provide a macro ?
it is not very convenient to deal with interactive sessions.

I’m not sure to know what’s a macro. But if it’s a code line in the shell, I don’t have that… ^^’ It’s my first step in the root’s word or in the code’s world.

Thank’s for your help, finally I found the soluce.

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See: ROOT: Tutorials