P.d.f. with complex members

Hello, all.

I’m trying to use RooFit for simultaneous fit of experimental data. Functions for my fit contains of sum of complex members which depends on any parameters. The sum transforms to real function follow some equations. For instance f(…,x) = ( A(…,c) + B(…,c) + C(…,c) )Conjugate( A(…,c) + B(…,c) + C(…,c) ) and g(…,x) = Im ( A(…,c) + B(…,c) + C(…,c) ), where c = x + iy. The explicit equations for the fit functions are very huge and unclear. Is there way to make p.d.f. for use it in RooFit (I’m interested “chi2FitTo” for X-Y data) which contain complex members in declaration.