Ovewrite TGedFrame

Is it possible to “overwrite” the event display editors that base on custom objects?
For example I have own class thath base on TEveTrackList and the editor looks like this, I would like to overwite entire “Style” tab to have custom buttons etc.

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I am not sure how this GUI written. I guess @matevz and may be @bellenot can help.

I haven’t looked at GED stuff in more than 10 years and just did a quick review and there are no provisions for sub-class editors to affect what happens for base-classes and/or in the global editor (beyond adding tabs and frames).

I think you would be best off by subclassing TGedEditor and fixing things there (I mean doing specific class checks where you want them and either prevent instantiation or allow a dervied class to wipe what has been put into some tab previously. We can make some changes to the base-class if you are going to need them.

Note that EVE already sub-classes TGedEditor, see TEveGedEditor … you might want to start there.

Class TEveGListTreeEditorFrame has static TString fgEditorClass and void SetEditorClass(const char* edclass) so you can set this up before calling TEveManger::Create() — apparently I have been thinking about you all those years back :wink:


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