Output a deciman number (double) in a string

I want to output a number in a string, and was using the standard way:

sprintf(title,“selection > %d”, number),

but this only outputs the nearest integer.

I tried to replace %d with %f or %lf but these only made root crash.

Any ideas on how to output the entire number and not just the nearest integer?

It depends what “number” is. If you want to use %g or %f “number” must be a float or a double. Better cast it is you are not sure what is it. Here is a small example :

void print_pi()
   // 1st way:
   char pi_string[20];
   double pi = 3.14159;
   sprintf(pi_string, "pi = %g",(double)pi);
   printf("%s\n", pi_string);

   //2nd way:
   printf("%s\n", Form("pi = %g",(double)pi));

You’d better use snprintf instead of sprintf: { char title[100] = "some old value"; std::cout << "title = " << title << std::endl; double number = 1.234567; snprintf(title, sizeof(title), "selection > %g", number); std::cout << "title = " << title << std::endl; }