OSError(20, 'Not a directory')

I want to install root_numpy via conda but i keep getting an error message:

lemma@lemma:~$ conda install rootpy
Fetching package metadata …
Solving package specifications: .

Package plan for installation in environment /home/lemma/miniconda2:

The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

cloog:          0.18.0-0                        
fftw:           3.3.4-2              NLeSC      
gcc:            4.8.2-25             NLeSC      
glibc:          2.12.2-3             NLeSC      
gmp:            5.1.2-3              NLeSC      
graphviz:       2.38.0-4             NLeSC      
isl:            0.12.2-2             NLeSC      
libgfortran-ng: 7.2.0-h6fcbd8e_1                
libstdcxx-ng:   7.2.0-h24385c6_1                
linux-headers:  2.6.32-1             NLeSC      
lzo:            2.10-h1bfc0ba_1                 
mpc:            1.0.1-2              NLeSC      
mpfr:           3.1.2-2              NLeSC      
numexpr:        2.6.1-np111py27_1               
pytables:       3.4.2-py27h62dd165_2            
root:           6.04-py2.7_gcc4.8.2  NLeSC      
root-numpy:     4.4.0-root6.04_py2.7 NLeSC      
rootpy:         master-py2.7         NLeSC      

The following packages will be UPDATED:

conda-env:      2.6.0-0                          --> 2.6.0-h36134e3_1       
zlib:           1.2.8-3                          --> 1.2.11-hfbfcf68_1      

The following packages will be SUPERSEDED by a higher-priority channel:

gsl:            2.2.1-h0743c53_2                 --> 1.16-2            NLeSC
hdf5:           1.8.18-1             conda-forge --> 1.8.18-h525d4c3_0      

Proceed ([y]/n)? y

ERROR conda.core.link:_execute_actions(337): An error occurred while installing package ‘NLeSC::root-6.04-py2.7_gcc4.8.2’.
OSError(20, ‘Not a directory’)
Attempting to roll back.

OSError(20, ‘Not a directory’)

I’m using miniconda2 for Ubuntu 14.04. Not sure what’s going on here?

It does not seems to be a ROOT specific problem. But some python experts around may have an idea.

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