Option to hide RandomEngineRoot output

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each time we link Garfield++ libraries and we load them in ROOT we get an output message coming from RandomEngineRoot::RandomEngineRoot(). We would like to set this output message to be disabled by default in our code. We could modify the source of Garfield++ locally. But I think is better to find a solution at the Garfield repository.

RandomEngineRoot::RandomEngineRoot() : RandomEngine(), m_rng(0) {
std::cout << “RandomEngineRoot:\n”
<< " Generator type: TRandom3\n"
<< " Seed: " << m_rng.GetSeed() << “\n”;

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Have you contacted the Garfield authors ?

Yes, I got an answer through Garfield-users e-group list at CERN.

Garfield authors are aware of this issue. I guess this thread may be closed.


The message printed out by RandomEngineRoot has been removed.

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