Option for left adjusted title for axis?

Quick question regarding the position of axis titles.

I’m aware I can do axis->CenterTitle(kTrue) to center the axis title.

However is there an option for left adjusted? (Default is right adjusted)

No problem if not.

In this case it would be useful to push the legend off the top left of the plot, however to do this some way to shift the axis title would be required.

… I guess a “hack” way to do it would be put loads of " " (space) characters at the end of the text?

This is what I was aiming to achieve - I added about 30 spaces to push the axis title along. A bit of a “hack” but I guess it works.

To my knowledge, there is only right-adjusted or centered axis title.

   auto h = new TH1F("h","h",10,0,1);
   auto Title = new TLatex(-0.05, 0, "Custom Y Title");

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