Opening TreeViewer from RBrowser (6.26.04)


I’ve just installed ROOT 6.26.04. When I open the new web-based ROOT browser, I can’t figure out how to open a TreeViewer. In the old TRootBrowser, I can right-click on a Tree and click “StartViewer”. Can you let me know how I can do the same in the new browser? Sorry if it’s obvious!

Version: ROOT 6.26.04, installed on Ubuntu 22.04, web-browser: Mozilla firefox.

Thanks! I’m excited to try this new feature.

(I’ve been using ROOT for > 10 years, but this is my first time posting on the forums, hi!)

It might be they are not linked from the new broweser. @bellenot and @linev can confirm.


For the moment RBrowser does not provide TreeViewer widget. One only can perform simple tree drawing by clicking on individual leaf or branch in tree. You always can activate old TBrowser implementation starting ROOT with root --web=off arguments.


Thanks! I thought that might be the answer, but I wanted to give the web version a fair try if I could, rather than giving in to the reflexive new=bad impulse! I look forward to using it in future iterations.

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