Opening TBrowser straight from terminal with one command

Is there a way to open TBrowser from terminal with one command?
I’m looking for something like “root TBrowser x”, so that I could write an alias for it and open TBrowser with a single command. Sometimes it can be a bit tedious to write “root… TBrowser x” many times in a row.


starting from ROOT 6.05/02: rootbrowse.
This command accept also as optional argument a rootfile.
In ROOT6: root -e “TBrowser x”



I’m using the universal solution, works for both ROOT5 and ROOT6:

root -l ~/tbr.c, where the ~/tbr.c contains the following:

        printf("Opening TBrowser, please wait...\n");
        TBrowser ewq;

not that we have also recently implement a series a command line tools. They sit in $ROOTSYS/bin

rootbrowse is one of them…