Opendata root files


I have been working on ROOT since past 4 months. I have seen various .root files and analyzed them. Recently I downloaded one .root file from but couldn’t understand the information given in that file.
This is the url of page from which I downloaded the file named :

Please let me know if there is any way of decoding the information given in the file.

Thank you.

It contains TTrees. If you do not know what they mean you should ask the author of these TTrees.

To be more concrete:

you can do:

 root 0048DD36-6570-E011-A43C-485B39800BA2.root


root [5] .ls
TFile**		0048DD36-6570-E011-A43C-485B39800BA2.root	
 TFile*		0048DD36-6570-E011-A43C-485B39800BA2.root	
  OBJ: TTree	Events	 : 0 at: 0x7fbb6b6a57b0
  KEY: TTree	MetaData;1	
  KEY: TTree	ParameterSets;1	
  KEY: TTree	Parentage;1	
  KEY: TTree	Events;1	
  KEY: TTree	LuminosityBlocks;1	
  KEY: TTree	Runs;1	
root [6] 




I have tried your command but could not understand what it printed. I’ll try contacting author. Thank you.

The MetaData tree should be helpful to understand the data.
The OpenData web site also has some description of the data.