Offset in TGraph2D or similar

Hi there,

I’m creating a 3D plot at the moment and I’m facing the issue that there are apparently some elements filled in I would like to avoid. Means, the parameter I’m interested are all located somewhere at z=13-16. But for plotting reasons, I assume, the graph also contains further elements at z=0. Unfortunately, this makes the plot a bit ugly and unclear to read.

graph.pdf (73.0 KB)

Is there a possibility to modifiy the graph so that the area is “floating” in the space and does not have a “wall” respectively connection to those unwanted elements?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Try to plot the graph with option TRI1 instead of SURF1

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How about: your2Dgraph->SetMinimum(12.);

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Is your TGraph2D available somewhere ?


thanks for the help! I switched to a colz-draw option which depicts the content better and is also easier to read.
Thanks anyways!

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