Odd graphical zoom behaviour on 2-d scatter plots


This is long staing problem I observed starting from about root3 and upto the last version:

tree->Draw(“y : x”) - the normal scatter plot (with many points)
for our analysis it is often useful to do graphical zoom by both axis (by mouse)
Almoust always after 1-2 iterations the zoom is stucked i.e. after the strong zoom in Y I can not get zoom in X or vice versa. The problem is that after the zoom the mouse positioned on the axis instead of TAxis::xaxis object belived to be positioned on TGraph::Graph one and do not provide the zoom functionality. This is really annoing problem with “not always” but “very ofter” behaviour and should be easy reproducible on any tree.
Note that with good old root 2 it worked well.

Valeri Tioukov

Now fixed in the CVS head. Thanks to have reported it.