Odd axis title and label sizes in the most bottom pad of multi-pad canvas with zero pad margin

Axis title and label sizes look different in the most bottom pad of multi-pad canvas if
a canvas is divided into multi-pad without a margin.

Basically I followed an example ($ROOTSYS/tutorials/graphs/zones.C) but I got slightly bigger
font size at the bottom pad.

Here are four example codes to show title size and label size difference.
test1a.C and test2a.C are good because it has nonzero pad margin.
test1b.C and test2b.C have inconsistent font size when zero pad margin is used.

test2b.C (322 Bytes)
test1a.C (443 Bytes)
test1b.C (447 Bytes)
test2a.C (319 Bytes)

Use very small, but nonzero, margins (e.g. 1e-5).

That doesn’t help.
TCanvas::Divide(nx,ny,gapx=0,gapy=0) seems to do special mode that hides
axis on upper pads.

gap = 1e-5 and gap = exactly 0 has different meaning.

[quote]Note3: in case xmargin <=0 and ymargin <= 0, there is no space between pads. The current pad margins are recomputed to optimize the layout.[/quote] See TPad::Divide :mrgreen:

Unse text size in pixels as shown here:

Thanks! This is what I want.