Obtain minimization status from AsymptoticCalculator


I would like to have access to the fit results of the minimization process that is taking place inside AsymptoticCalculator::EvaluateNLL, such as the minimization status, EDM, etc. How can I achieve that, please?

If that would be possible through HypoTestCalculatorGeneric::GetFitInfo, then it shouldn’t be able to do so since that method is returning a NULL…

Thank you,

Hi @Zinonas_Zinonos,

the Asymptotic calculator doesn’t save the fit result. If you are interested, we could open a feature request on ROOT’s Jira to change that.

Hello @StephanH

It will be highly appreciated. Access to the fit results and perhaps some steering of the fit setup, I think is helpful for the user. Please, point me to the JIRA ticket once created.

Thank you.

Here you go:

Could you add some information on how you want to be able to steer the fitting strategy?

Certainly, yes. Thanks.

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