Numbering of Axis Labels


I want to do something simple. I have an exponential linear axis that is currently being labelled as
x10^-12 at the top of the page.

I want to change this so it is 1 x 10^-13… I cannot figure out how to do this fro the documentation. Any pointers.

I am afraid that’s not possible. The optimisation of the 10 exponent tries to make it a multiple of 3. Like in:

   TCanvas *c = new TCanvas();

I have the very same problem :frowning:
Isn’t there any workaround to plot e.g. 10^-5 or exponents other than 3x?
If not, will this feature be implemented in the newest versions of ROOT (at the moment, I’m running v5.34)?
For different reasons, I need to present my data this way.
If there isn’t any option, I will be forced to modify the graphs via some external graphic program…

Thank you in advance and best regards,

Andrea Demetrio

Nothing new.
May be make a request in the bug report tool.
You can access it from this forum home page.