Number of colors in scatter-plot

Dear All,

I am drawing a color-coded scatter plot using three branches from a TTree (one branch for x-axis, one for y-axis, and one used to color code the markers). I am doing following commands:



This draws the following plot.

test.pdf (52.2 KB)

It looks fairly fine but my problem is that root uses only a couple of colors from the palette to color-code the markers. Is it possible to achieve a higher amount of colors in the scatter plot and hence a smoother transition between the markers?


What do you get if you try:

Hi Pepe,

this is what I get. It is a distribution of times, which is fairly uniform (except for a few gaps).

test2.pdf (14.2 KB)

What is your Palette ? you should use one with a larger number of colors.

Palette 54, which is used (as can be seen in the original post), has 255 colours.

Try to make your “dots” smaller and maybe then you will see it better.

I had a closer look at you plot I do not think that’s true… all colors are used