NTuple Variables

I am new to Root and have just started to use. I have opened Root file and found graph for each variables. I can’t realize the meaning of variable with graph. Please suggest me, what should i have to study to understand and relate those variables and graph.

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Thank you. When i open root file i found different leafs containing variables like eventid, eventstat, etc. I found graph corresponding to these variables. I have problem with the NTuple Variables like eventid, eventstat, … etc. Can you have any materials regarding these?

You need to contact the one who created your ntuple.

A TNuple holds the variables. It does not tell you what the variables are. The only hint you can have are the names of the variables. But for the real signification of them, as Wile said, you should know them (if you are the author of the data set) or you should ask the person who created it.