No module found, import ROOT error

Hello my friends ,
I need run a in lxplus, but this macro have pandas, h5py and tensorflow and I can’t run on lxplus, so Imade the virtual env and install pandas, h5py and tensorflow but I can’t import ROOT
the first line :slight_smile:
import ROOT
answer: No module found
ter python version in lxplus is 3.6 and root is compatible with python3.7 or more , please can help me?

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ROOT Version: 6.20
Compiler: Not Provided


You can get ROOT as a conda package, which should help to include it in your virtual environment.


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first, thank you for answer!
But how make this?
I tried:
in my virtual env:
pip install conda conda create -c conda-forge root
but I had this problem:
I have 3 virtual env, in first I din’t pandas and tensorflow, in second I have pandas and tensorflow
in first the ROOT ok, because
$ python3.6

import ROOT
importa pandas
no module found
in second
$ python3.6

import pandas
import ROOT
no module found
do you understand my problem?

I’m not sure I understand. There is a longer blog post on conda which might help. @chrisburr Perhaps you have a tip?

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Thanks for everything, but my problem persists and I don’t know what to do! :frowning:

The blog post @jblomer suggested di not help ?

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