No LaTeX text in exported PDF

If I export my histograms as PDF, all the LaTeX texts are missing. Exporting to PNG works fine…

Does anyone know why or which setting’s wrong? I’m using pyroot to generate the plots and exported via “Save as…”

I think you are using Latex with the escape character “”.
This is known, The PDF version has not been implemented yet nor the SVG one.
But PostScript is working.

I used it with the hash symbol (btw. I’m using pyRoot):

I tried exporting to PS, but the Postscript file cannot be opened :-\


h.GetXaxis().SetTitle("#Delta t #[ns]")


h.GetXaxis().SetTitle("\Delta t #[ns]")

A quick look at the documentation might also help.

The rendering of the text itself works fine in root, but not if I export it to PDF.

However, thanks! I won’t use LaTeX formatting for PDFs :wink:

the syntax with one slash is wrong anyway …

if you use # (again see the doc …) it will be fine in PDF (and PS)

up to you…

Ah thanks! Sorry, my head is full of code and I misread your post… :astonished: