No index in UserGuide pdf >= 5.21


Since v5.21 UserGuide pdf file misses pdf index. It is rather inconvenient to use so large documentation without contents index. I checked for both 5.21 and 5.22.

In 5.20 pdf index is present. Could you recreate it for newer user guide revisions, please?

For me 5.20, 5.21, and 5.22 all have the index… I do not see the problem you mention.

I mean pdf index (usually it is present on the side bar of the document and represents ToC as a tree), not table of contents or index of topics in the document itself.

I tried with evince-2.26.1, xpdf-3.02.

You said that 5.20 is has this index but I do not see it with that version either… The pdf files are generated from a word document. at first I missed the clickable table of content. Now I know how to generate it. But I have no idea about the index you are looking for. Before I start “googling” do you have some hints about it ?

I found the way. I have redone 5_22. You can download it from fro the web. Is that enough for you to have 5_22 ? do you want also 5_21 ? I guess the latest one is enough …

5.22 will be enough.
Thank you!


the same problem is present for 5.24 and 5.26.
While I do not care about 5.24, I would be nice to see pdf index in 5.26 and future user’s guide releases.

I’ll look … I do not remember I did that … :frowning:

Ok done, I found the recipe:
I word:

Save As
   +-----> PDF or XPS
                   +---> Button "Options"
                                      +----> Select "Create bookmarks using:"

The PDF on line is ok now …