No icon and different windows

I have installed ROOT 6.12/04 by building source on Ubuntu 17.10.
When I run a macro, canvases are created correctly but in separate windows and not grouped together. Also the icon is not displayed.
Dealing with many canvases make my sidebar full of windows and it is annoying moving from one to another.
Did anyone encounter this problem and solved it?
Thank you

That’s the normal behavior of root: each canvas is a new window. It seems more an issue related to your window manager. Root itself does the have the concept of “canvases grouped together”… what ever it means …

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Thank you for your help, I will try to find the correct settings for the window manager.

Is there a simple method to get a tabbed TCanvas?

Not via TCanvas … You use TBrowser. Then the menu entry Bowser->New Canvas

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