No hyper-links in User's Guide v5.21 (PDF)?


It seems there are no hyper-links in User’s Guide v5.21 (PDF). Could you please enable them?

Thanks a lot.

Cheers, Jibo

Of course there is such links.
From the root home page click on the “User’s guide” link.
And you will be directed here:

I think I misunderstood what you meant. In fact you are looking for a PDF file with hyperlinks “inside”. I will check how to do that.

Sorry, what I meant was that there are no hyper-links (or hyper-refs) in the PDF document:

In the past (v5.20), we could go to some chapter just by clicking it in the “Table of Contents”. There are also some hyper-links (hyper-refs) for some topics in the context. It is very convenient.

Thanks, Jibo

Yes, I am now looking how to do it. I’ll let you know.

That is fixed now. The PDF file (1 page per sheet) has the hyperlinks in it.
Thanks to have reported it.