No graphics in root


I am new to root and Linux, but I need to use root to do part of my homework for university. By now, I managed to install root from source according to the tutorial, and so far it is running, however, when I want to create graphs or TCanvas objects, I receive the following error message:

Error in TGClient::TGClient: can’t open display “:0.0”, switching to batch mode…
In case you run from a remote ssh session, reconnect with ssh -Y

The program is running on Debian Squeeze amd64.

It would be great if you had some advice for me!

Best regards


The error message tells you what to do:

are you using ssh ?


thank you for your reply. It is running local, no ssh.



I found the mistake, graphics are not running while I am using root in superuser mode. Thank for all your help!!



Ah ok good.
I wanted to suggest to unset the variable DISPLAY.