No fit curve drawn using plotOn() while fit was succesful

Dear experts,

I’m using RooFit v3.14 shipped on ROOT v5.28.00d for lifetime fits using RooWorkspace.
The fitting functions are composed of couple of Decay functions and a sum of GaussModel.
And it is per-event error fitting, so it has a lifetime error distribution for a sum of GaussModel.
For some cases, fitting goes okay but I cannot get plots with fit curves… They are just not drawn.

My first guess was, because the lifetime error distribution plugged-in to the GaussModel has few empty bins inside and it screws up drawing.
So I checked the lifetime error distributons and set empty bin’s contents to 0.01, but still drawing doesn’t work.
Do you have any possible reasons to make plotting work?

Thank you in advance,


Please post your workspace and the macro showing this problem, so it can be investigated

Thank you