Newbie asking for easier explanation for ROOT

I think maybe there’re many physicists and computer scientists here, while I’m doing genomic research without much computation background.
I’m just wondering if anyone can give me an easier explanation of ROOT without much terminology?
What is ROOT? What’s the advantage of ROOT dealing with large amount of data? (I just know it’s high efficient in dealing with huge data, but don’t know the mechanism)

From wiki, it said: A key feature of ROOT is a data container called tree, with its substructures branches and leaves. A tree can be seen as a sliding window to the raw data, as stored in a file. Data from the next entry in the file can be retrieved by advancing the index in the tree. This avoids memory allocation problems associated with object creation, and allows the tree to act as a lightweight container while handling buffering invisibly.

Can anyone explain a little bit?

May be try these: