New true type fonts in root?

Hello, how is possible to install new true type font (and use) in root?
Thank you very much
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Andrea Bulgarelli

What do you mean by “new true type fonts”?

ROOT is using by default the true type fonts


For example, Arial or Sans Serif and so on. I have seen that there are only courier, helvetica and times.
Thank you
Andrea Bulgarelli

Here are the fonst distributed with ROOT. See, arial is there:

pcepsft15> ls fonts
BlackChancery.ttf  ariblk.ttf   georgia.ttf   times.ttf     trebucit.ttf
CVS                comic.ttf    georgiab.ttf  timesbd.ttf   verdana.ttf
LICENSE            comicbd.ttf  georgiai.ttf  timesbi.ttf   verdanab.ttf
arial.ttf          cour.ttf     georgiaz.ttf  timesi.ttf    verdanai.ttf
arialbd.ttf        courbd.ttf   impact.ttf    trebuc.ttf    verdanaz.ttf
arialbi.ttf        courbi.ttf   monotype.ttf  trebucbd.ttf  webdings.ttf
ariali.ttf         couri.ttf    symbol.ttf    trebucbi.ttf  wingding.ttf

On a related note, can fonts be added to ROOT? I’m specifically thinking about the old HIGZ portable font used by PAW (I think that’s what it was called: fig7.12 of PAW manual). I know of a number of folks who’d like that font.

No, we will not add these obsolete fonts. The only interest of these fonts
was to rotate text at any angle. ROOT fonts are rotatable and scalable.

Could you tell us why your folks would like to see these old PAW style fonts?


I suppose it’s a combination of nostalgia and people being stuck in their ways. I personally think that those fonts were good looking though not much different than arial/helvetica. The main difference I can see is that the lines in the old fonts were somewhat thinner than arial/helvetica. I do know of a case where someone wanted to remake, in ROOT, one of many figures originally made in PAW. They wanted a uniformity of style with the old figures.

While we are on fonts, it would be nice to have the hollow fonts in Fig.7.15 of the PAW manual. So, is it easy for the user to add his own fonts to ROOT? If so, could you describe how I can do it?

These hollow fonts were available in PostScript only. They were done by using some PostScript tricks. Making them available on screeen and in all drivers now available in ROOT is not a simple task. I am not even sure it is possible in all cases.