New Canvas opened as a tab of old window

ROOT Version: 6.08.06
Platform: macOS Mojave 10.14.6
Compiler: gcc 4.2.1

Hi, ROOT users.

When I open a new window with another window existing, it always opened as a tab of the old window. (Here “window” includes canvas, fit panel, TBrowser and so on.)
How can I open a new individual window?

  • To open a new Canvas only: Menu File -> New Canvas
  • To open a new Browser: Menu Browser -> Browse...

Thanks for the response.
That also creates a tab on the existing window. I want to create second window.

We are talking about a TBrowser, right? If you follow what I said, it cannot create a new Tab in the TBrowser… How did you start the TBrowser?

no, not only TBrowser.
For instance, if I create two TCanvas, I want ROOT to create two individual window for each TCanvas. But my ROOT create only one window with two tabs.

I’m puzzled, can you tell me how you create your TCanvas? From The command line?, if you type:

root [0] TCanvas c1("c1", "c1")
(TCanvas &) Name: c1 Title: c1
root [1] TCanvas c2("c2", "c2")
(TCanvas &) Name: c2 Title: c2
root [2]

You have only one window with two tabs? Maybe it’s a MacOS particularity. @couet do you know how this is possible?

In any way, ROOT just adds a tab on an existing window. From the command line, from a macro… For other instance, when I call a Fit Panel from the menu bar of the window, that is also added as a tab.
I attached a window created by the commands you wrote.

Could it be an OS thing not coming from ROOT? This could be one thing to check:

(look for the “Merge all windows” option, or similar, and uncheck it if you have it).
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I found the option, but that is not a permanent one. It is just an operation for the focused window.
This can be an OS problem, but this happens only at root.exe.
For additional info, I tried using ROOT at remote server (ubuntu 16 LTS) via ssh with XQuartz. Then this adding tab thing did not happen.

Yes, for sure this is definitively not a ROOT option. At least AFAIK. Maybe @couet has an idea?

Sorry for the late answer.
I do not know how you can create a such canvas with two tabs on Mac…
no clue …Never saw a such thing … :frowning:

Uncle Google -> merge windows into one tabbed window

Oh yes … “Merge All windows” in the menu bar… it works for canvases too. nice… never tried it.

My colleague found the source. There is a setting for this sort of thing at:
Setting -> Dock -> Open document in Tab
This was set to “always”.

Sorry for make you confuse and thanks for all your help!

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