Mysterious dark lines with multigraph?

Hi i have three graphs and i’m trying to put them together with Multigraph but with the last graph root draws this black line ? Why?
For example:


Root draws the black line over gi3V
while if i write :


root will draw the black line over gi2V


It is hard to tell without having a running macro reproducing this, but seems to me this is simply the graph points drawn with a circle marker. This graph seems to have many points close to each-other, therefore the markers touch eachother and draw this “thick line”.

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No, root connects the points with lines and i don’t know why. This happens only in the multigraph and not in the single graph .

We need a script reproducing de problem.

script of the macro or graph?

The macro. Something we can run.

transistor.c (9.0 KB)

At the end do:


What material would you like your statue ?

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:slight_smile: It was simple. No statue needed :-). I am happy it works for you.

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Can you explain me why lp1 or lp2 changes the lines ?

Yes sure. You invoked the options described here:
i.e. drawing the errors as band .

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ok thank you very much

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