Multiplying histogram by TEfficiency


I have computed a binned efficiency via TEfficiency, and I have a histogram of a different sample from the ones in the TEfficiency, with the same binnings. I want to multiply the two, in order to know what is the expected number of events in each bin that pass the selection in TEfficiency.

Is there a more straightforward way than making a new histogram and setting the bin content manually?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @renyhp; I am sure @couet can help you with this.


I am sure @moneta will know.

We don’t support in TEfficiency this kind of multiplications. If you don’t care about the correct error of the bin contents, you can use TH1::Divide with option B and then use TH1::Multiply, otherwise you would need to perform yourself the multiplication of the TGraphAsymErrors representing TEfficiency with the histogram.
It could be a new feature that we could add to the class.