Multiple tiff and rotation


I have 1 question and a suggestion:

  1. Is it possible to read/write multiframe tiff files with ROOT?

  2. I found very easy to implemet rotation of a 2D histo (around an axis perpendicular to the X-Y plane of the histo) in Root with TVector3 and TRotation. In the same way one can also rotate any 2D image. However, I didn’t find a relevant function in TH2/T(AS)Image classes. It is not worth implementing it (because everybody should do it for her/himself), or there was just nobody who implemented it yet?

rotate.C (1.53 KB)

I am not completly sure to understand what you are trying to do in that macro (I see the rotating lines)… But in any case TASImage is an image processing toolkit and it is working in 2D only.

PS: sorry fro the late answer.


thanks for answering :-).

In that macro (which is not perfect, just a quick hack) I just wanted to demonstrate (mostly to myself) how to rotate a 2D something, Originally I wanted to rotate Tiff image(s) but I couldn’t find a proper class/function in ROOT to do that for me. Then I decided to represent the images (just very simple ones that have one “color” in 8 or 16 bytes in every “pixel”) in TH2* in which I was already able to implement rotation and so the problem was basically solved.


Ok fine.