Multi TH2F on same pad

Hi Rooters

I would like to plot multi TH2F histograms on the same canvas. To achieve this, I need to be able to translate each new histogram on the z-axis so the others can still be seen.

Here is what it should kinda look like (except for the black surrounding…)

Is there an esay way to do this?


How to you want to plot them ? as legos ? surfaces ?..


Both will be nice but surface will be easier I guess (no risk of histogramm overlapping). And I think that results interpretations will be easier with surfaces.


May be you can divide the canvas in several pads (vertically) and plot a surface in each of them ?

Hi Olivier

Thanks for your answer, it was indeed obvious. I just have to specify SetBorderMode(0) for each sub pad to have the kind of picture I would like.