Multi pad Canvas (two Columns & five rows)

Hey Rooters

I’m dividing the canvas in two columns and five rows similar to the image attached with y-axis title same for all as in this image:

But when I plot the gap between lower pads and upper pads is very large. I set the margins but still facing the same problem. Also the title along y-axis is plotted with each pad separately in my case. But I want to plot it as single title for all as shown in the image above.

Also when I plot the data the labels on the Right margin as shown in the image below disappears.

Help me fix these problems. Thanks


Hi Sheheryar,

Nice plots.
You say you divide the canvas in 5 rows, but actually they are four: is this expected?
Could you please share a minimal reproducer that shows the behaviour you do not expect?
Adding in the loop @couet.


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Hi Danilo. Thanks for you reply.

Actually Yes, in that image there are 4 rows but I want 5 rows. But I the gap between upper and lower pads is very large. I want all the pads close to each other as in that image. Also the labels to the right.
Here’s what I get on screen:

This is just a sample just to address the problem.

Look at the gap and also there are no labels on the right margin. And the title is missing. Not plotting as I want.

@couet , @Danilo

If you could share the code then it’d be much easier to help you out. I think this line should solve space issue


For labels on right side you can add Y+ in your histogram draw option. You can refer to zones.C and canvas2.C files in your tutorials directory for better understanding. Hope it helps.


Can you provide a small example macro reproducing your problem ?