Moving from V5.08to>V5.10 TArc is no more transparent

Dear colleagues

I am puzzled because I am trying to draw TArcs
with Root V5.10.00 and above (5.12.0) and TArcs
that were transparent when compilling my
is now filled with White and no more transparent

my code is :
TArc *a = new TArc(xrho[2],yeta[2],0.16,180+ATan(yeta[2]/xrho[2])*180./Pi(),
360-ATan(yeta[2]/(1-xrho[2]))*180./Pi());a->Draw();// alpha
a = new TArc(1,0,0.22,180-ATan(yeta[2]/(1-xrho[2]))*180./Pi(),180);a->Draw();// beta
a = new TArc(0,0,0.20,0,ATan(yeta[2]/xrho[2])*180./Pi());a->Draw();// gamma

and the plot:

With Root V5.08.00: … 5.08.0.gif

and with Root version >5.10.0 … 5.10.0.gif

Thanks in advance for help

I cannot run your code because it is not complete. I tried to simulate the problem with something simple. The following macro draws a line and a TArc on top. For me it works fine: one can see the line below the arc. The arc is transparent. Do you have the problem with my little example ?

   TCanvas *c1 = new TCanvas("c1", "c1",15,47,700,530);
   TLine *line = new TLine(0.3,0.8,0.6,0.4);
   TArc *arc = new TArc(0.4,0.6,0.1,0,360);

Dear Olivier

In fact I face added explicitly a->SetFillStyle(0);

but I was able to run your Macro without any problem
in both versions


So, is it ok now for you ?