Module files out of date (std.pcm, Darwin.pcm)

Dear ROOT team,

Similar to WSL Build from source error: RInt.pcm is out of date \ cannot read module signature - #20 by Neel_Shah (but apparently not similar enough according to @pcanal :wink: ) I am since recently getting the following error when I try to execute the root interpreter:

input_line_1:1:2: error: module 'Darwin' uses additional module map
      '/Applications/' used when the module was
#include <new>
input_line_1:1:2: note: imported by module 'std' in '/Users/ahmadh/biodynamo/build/third_party/root/lib/std.pcm'
Warning in cling::IncrementalParser::CheckABICompatibility():
  Failed to extract C++ standard library version.
Warning in cling::IncrementalParser::CheckABICompatibility():
  Possible C++ standard library mismatch, compiled with _LIBCPP_ABI_VERSION '1'
  Extraction of runtime standard library version was: ''
input_line_2:1:2: fatal error: module file '/Users/ahmadh/biodynamo/build/third_party/root/lib/std.pcm' is out of date and needs to be rebuilt
#include "cling/Interpreter/RuntimeUniverse.h"
input_line_2:1:2: note: imported by module 'Cling_Runtime_Extra' in '/Users/ahmadh/biodynamo/build/third_party/root/lib/Cling_Runtime_Extra.pcm'
input_line_2:1:2: note: imported by module 'Cling_Runtime' in '/Users/ahmadh/biodynamo/build/third_party/root/lib/Cling_Runtime.pcm'
Replaced symbol atexit cannot be found in JIT!
Replaced symbol at_quick_exit cannot be found in JIT!
<<< cling interactive line includer >>>: fatal error: module file '/Users/ahmadh/biodynamo/build/third_party/root/lib/Darwin.pcm' is out of date and needs to be rebuilt

I have the feeling something with the standard C++ libs has changed on my machine, but I am not aware of any updates. Perhaps something changed in the background

I haven’t tried rebuilding ROOT with deleting the *.pcm files yet as suggested in the linked issue above, but it is strange to me that these PCM files got invalidated suddenly.

Any help would be appreciated.


ROOT Version: v6.26
Platform: OSX 12.6
Compiler: AppleClang 14.0.0

Hi @ahesam ,

Indeed rebuilding ROOT from scratch (making sure there is no ROOT installation present in the environment when you do it) is what I would suggest.

@Axel or @vvassilev might be able to explain what can cause such errors in the first place, let’s ping them.


unless you have a specific reason to, you might not even have to compile ROOT from source, see Installing ROOT - ROOT .

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