Modified Besselfunction with imaginary order and real argume


I am searching for a possiblity to calculate Modified Besselfunctions of imaginary (and non-integer!) order (with a real argument). Can the mathmore-library be used to do that?

Mathematica can calculate these sort of Besselfunctions. I also found an article about a fortran77 algorithm to calculate them ( ). But I don’t have any clue on how to use MathMore or/and GSL to get these values …

Thanks in advance for any idea,

Hi ,

MathMore provides the modified Bessel function with non integer order (but not the imaginary one) .

See below for the list of functions in MathMore … cFunc.html



Thanks for your answer, unfortunately i would need the ones of imaginary order, which seem not to be implemented.

Through extensive ‘google search’ I found a fortran implementation of the functions I need from Gil Gomez Amparo, described in “Algorithm 831: Modified Bessel Functions of Imaginary Orders and Positive Argument” which can be found at …

The corresponding code can be found in …

Since I have absolutely no experience with fortran (unfortunately), here my new question:
Any easy way to use this fortran code without the need of implementing an according wrapper on my own?

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