Modern style and pad selection

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In the old time, when the histograms looked really ugly, we could (at least) see the sub-pads of a canvas and which one was selected (cd x).

What should I change in the style “modern” to have the contour of the pads in grey and the selected pad in another color ?

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// gROOT->SetStyle("Classic");


I might not have expressed clearly. I want to keep the nice looking modern style but add a fine grey line around pads and a fine colored line around the selected pad.

Thank you

// // gStyle->SetCanvasBorderMode(1); // -1 = down, 0 = no border, 1 = up gStyle->SetPadBorderMode(1); // -1 = down, 0 = no border, 1 = up // gStyle->SetFrameBorderMode(1); // -1 = down, 0 = no border, 1 = up

Note that you can see what each style does here: … tml#oryiQE


Thank you for your help. I am progressing.

First of all, in TStyle code I see that the styles are defined twice (in the constructor and in the Reset(…)). You might want to avoid this code duplication.

What I do now is :

TCanvas c;
// here I see nothing
// here I see nothing, still;
// here I see the selected pad

I am sorry if I overlook something, but I don’t find which parameter I have to set to see the border of all pads, as opposed to seeing only the border of the selected pad.

Thank you in advance for your help,


Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it and indeed, this would achieve more or less what I want.
However I am still looking for the way of having a border around my pads. If I set the border mode for pads to 1, I expect to have a border. If there are none, should I consider it a bug. What do you think ?

Thank you