MLP output network Error

Warning first… I’m very new in using the MLP (also root) and all my experience in with using Matlab’s ANN.

I’m very confused in using the created neural network on other data. I’ve created the network from a set of initial data but now I want to use it on a new set of data and see how it works. My question is for the .C file created, how do I use it on separate data and view the output? Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

If you look at eval_NN.C file all I am trying to do is to see if I can use the network on a single set of data for one particle that I know is a signal.

In root, here are the commands I give and the error I receive:

rroot [0] .L TestNN.cxx
root [1] .x eval_NN.c
Error: Can’t call TestNN::value(0,params) in current scope eval_NN.c:95:
Possible candidates are…
(in TestNN)
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

I have tried replacing:

if (mlp.value(0,params[0],params[1],params[2],params[3],params[4],params[5],params[6],params[7],params[8],params[9],params[10],params[11],params[12],params[13],params[14],params[15],params[16],params[17],params[18],params[19],params[20],params[21],params[22],params[23],params[24],params[25] ) > 0.1){



and I get the same error.
eval_NN.c (2.82 KB)
TestNN.cxx (67.1 KB)

Sorry for the bump but I can’t seem to figure this out.

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