Mistakes in RooFit tutorials

I’m trying to learn how to use RooFit and have started with
the examples presented on the ROOT website: root.cern.ch/drupal/content/roofit
I have come across a few mistakes in the example code (at least when using ROOT v5.33/03,
the latest SVN trunk build), it would be a pity to let them discourage other potential users.

In the first example (Gaussian signal + Argus background), the line

is incorrect, it should be

and in order to see the results in a canvas you need to do

In the example convolution of landau & gaussian functions, the line

should be

In the example of a multi-dimensional PDF, in the first part of the code the line

should be

and the line

should be

Then in the second part, the lines

data->plotOn(frame) ; w::model.plotOn(frame) ;
should read

data->plotOn(xframe) ; w::model.plotOn(xframe) ; xframe->Draw();

In the example on likelihood, the lines

w.factory("Gaussian::g1(x[-20,20],mean[-10,10],sigma_g1[3]") ; w.factory("Gaussian::g2(x,mean,sigma_g2[4,3,6]") ;
should read

w.factory("Gaussian::g1(x[-20,20],mean[-10,10],sigma_g1[3])") ; w.factory("Gaussian::g2(x,mean,sigma_g2[4,3,6])") ;
and the line

should read